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Let's Talk About the Indonesian Culture

As more and more Indonesians interact with Americans, it is time for the latter to discover and understand the various cultural aspects of Indonesia. Engage us in lively conversation!

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Rumah Gadang or Rumah Bagonjong "house for the Minangkabau people" are the traditional homes of the Minangkabau in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The architecture, construction, internal and external decoration, and the functions of the house reflect the culture and values of the Minangkabau.

To Know Indonesia and Make Indonesia Known

America has long been known as the melting pot of races and Indonesians have long been traveling to this country for a variety of purposes. In the process, many immigrants among them have been absorbed into the American mainstream.

Through the years, cross-cultural assimilation has also made it possible for some Americans to take interest in Indonesia, the country, and its culture. We focus on all these aspects at SANGGAR BUDAYA NUSANTARA cultural center. This way, we succeed in bridging the gap.

Discover Indonesia

To share information with you on the diversity of Indonesia to introduce the many facets of this extra ordinary country

Explore Indonesian Diversity

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country of various cultural persuasions, influences, belief systems, and ethnicities.

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